As technology and communications develop, so do the unique challenges and demanding requirements of large scale cyber operations.

A new consortium includes Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), CyberArk, Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., El Al’s Cockpit Innovation hub, Karamba Security and ClearSky, a combination of veteran cybersecurity and aerospace firms, which already offer “a broad range of aviation, security, intelligence and cyber solutions for the global market,” alongside “young startups with cutting edge cyber products and technologies

Airport & Cyber Security Israeli Aviation & Technology HUB Tailwinds RSA
Airport & Cyber Security Israeli Aviation & Technology HUB Tailwinds RSA

No-one understands security like the Israelis, that's why some of the world's best new innovative airport security technologies are being developed in Israel.

There are many companies offering different types of solutions, let us help you find the one that suits yours


Cyber Security Israeli Aviation & Technology HUB


ELTA's SPECTRIS is an all-encompassing avionics cyber security solution that monitors and analyzes the flight-safety critical avionic systems and their network topology, and alerts in real-time about potential anomalies that indicate of a potential cyber-attack. The solution comprises independent modules or can be integrated into a unified system.

Cyber Security Israeli Aviation & Technology HUB Tailwinds RSA


ELTA's Cyber Early Warning Centre (CEWC) provides round-the-clock surveillance of a customer’s cyberspace in order to achieve a real-time situational awareness of the state’s cyber security level. Security incidents and early-warning information are immediately and automatically disseminated to the relevant agencies.

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From security camera installations, event emergency procedures, to counter terror and tactical interventions. Use our geo-accurate models from conception to action by combining analysis tools like camera angle coverage, sniper view shed and dynamic GIS layers such as real-time GPS tracking. Integrate live video feeds on the model. Know your site before boots are on the ground with measure your operational sites with unparalleled 3cm per pixel accuracy. Save time, money, and lives with photo and geo-accurate models of your area of interest and operations.

Airport Security Israeli Aviation & Technology HUB Tailwinds RSA


IAI / ELTA's ELM-2026BF is a highly accurate 3D Tactical Air Defense Radar that detects and tracks airborne targets,
including low RCS drones and UAVs, helicopters, and fighter aircraft. The radar operates in X-Band and
employs solid-state Active Electronically Scanning Array (AESA) technology. The radar is dual-mode providing
air surveillance and tracking with precise range, azimuth, and elevation angles for anti-aircraft gun fire control.
The radar employs multi-beam elevation coverage through Digital Beam Forming (DBF) and 360° azimuth
coverage by antenna rotation.