We assist in finding the latest  electronic aviation systems and cockpit technologies for the worldwide commercial aviation market. Our solutions serve as technological differentiators, enabling air transport, business aviation platforms and helicopters to benefit from highly innovative out-of-the-window systems. Our portfolio includes integrated Enhanced Flight Vision Systems (EFVS) for commercial aircraft and helicopters, Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA), power and control solutions and enhanced awareness applications.


Cockpit Innovation & Application Tech Israeli Aviation & Technology HUB TAilwinds RSA
Cockpit Innovation Israeli Aviation & Technology HUB Tailwinds RSA


Tailwinds RSA connect aerospace and defense corporates with innovative Israeli startups worldwide and support lab to industry initiatives.


Cockpit innovation Israeli Aviation & Technology HUB Tailwinds RSA


Marks a new era in enhanced flight vision solutions for air transport, enabling airport accessibility in low visibility conditions and converting night flights into bright-day journeys. Comprised of the Skylens™ head wearable display or HUD, and the next-generation multi-spectral EVS for excellent weather penetration and LED detection, ClearVision is built on sophisticated yet affordable technology that is suitable for all types of commercial aircraft, both new and retrofit

Cockpit Innovation & Application Israeli Aviation and Technology HUB Taiilwinds RSA


HELI ClearVision™

Rotary-wing version of the next-generation, recently certified ClearVision solution. The cutting-edge system increases commercial helicopter pilots’ situational awareness and allows pilots to fly at night and in low visibility conditions. Heli Clearvision is comprised of the HeliEVS™ camera and the Skylens™wearable HUD or the SkyVis™ Head Mounted Display (HMD), in order to accommodate both non-helmet and helmet users. Already proven successful aboard various types of helicopter platforms, Heli Clearvision has become a world leading system for the commercial helicopter market.

Cockpit Applications Israeli Aviation & Tehnology HUB


C4 airborne is a cutting-edge aerial command and control system that integrates all essential mission information into a single platform and forms a real-time common operational picture for all participating units. By connecting air, ground and marine units, C4 Airborne enhances situational awareness, leading to smarter decision-making, faster reactions times and ultimately higher missions success rate. Deploying C4airborne to your fleet is fast and simple, making your aircrafts smarter in no more than 24 hours.

Cockpit Innovations Israeli Aviation & Technology HUB Tailwinds RSA


The C4 utility package adds advanced operational capabilities for airborne units with more comprehensive needs. Each package is specifically tailored based on the client's needs and delivered as a custom-made
mission suite that provides distinct upgrades to the equipped aircrafts.
Our experienced team of military veterans and aerospace specialists collaborates to give every project
its undivided attention, managing it from design to completion, and continuing to perform initial testing,
training and support to ensure client's operational readiness and performance.

Night Vision Goggles Israeli Aviation & Technology HUB Tailwinds RSA

TROYA’s STRIX Night Vision Goggles

Are state-of-the-art when it comes to Night Flight. This unique Aviator’s Night Vision Imaging System (ANVIS) enables Civilian,Police,First Responders and Military pilots the best user experience and ergonomic design available for today’s aviators. In order to facilitate depth perception,The STRIX is equipped with dual optical channels(Objective lens and eyepiece),which enables for comfortable viewing,and an adjustable focus for an optimal viewing experience.