Tailwinds RSA is an independent global aviation consulting firm with a combined experience of over 30 years. We provide research and advisory services to numerous clients worldwide in a wide range of aviation related topics. 
It is a known fact that the aviation industry is currently undergoing changes. Increased competition and a volatile market have drastically changed the rules of engagement. Change can be a good thing, as long as you can adapt to it in a timely manner. At Tailwinds RSA we want to help you be a part of that change.
Whether your needs are to increase safety, cut costs or become more competitive, Tailwinds RSA shares your sense of urgency and can help you get there quicker. Below are some of the areas where Tailwinds RSA can play a significant role.




We connect business, government, and NGO leaders from around the world with Israeli Aviation Technology innovation, offering Israeli innovators access to high-potential and previously inaccessible markets in the Middle East and Africa, through highly customized business engagements.

We accumulate knowledge and generate in-depth insights about Israel’s innovation sector, sharing these with our clients and partners. We produce reports and additional assets at regular intervals throughout the year, regarding Aviation specific sectors and the ecosystem as a whole.


Tailwinds RSA has unique and global experience with large scale 3D Mapping and GIS. We transformed the way many businesses operate by connecting the physical and digital worlds together. Whether your business needs an aerial survey or simply an aerial survey airplane, Tailwinds RSA has you covered.



At Tailwinds RSA we specialize in finding the aircraft that suits your needs. With 30 years of aviation experience we can help you find your next wet lease, dry lease or charter.
We specialize in Special Mission Aircraft such as the Diamond DA-42/62 MPP.