Urban Air Mobility and new propulsion  aircraft are the future of transport and Israel is a the forefront of these two exciting ventures. 

Fancraft™ technology is what sets us apart from everyone else. It’s why our aircraft don’t look like anything you’ve ever seen outside of Hollywood or your dreams.


Urban Air Mobility Israeli Aviation & Technology HUB Tailwinds RSA
Eviation Electric Aircraft Israeli Aviation & Technology HUB Tailwinds RSA


Designed and made in collaboration with a world-class ecosystem of partners, Alice is built of innovative components from 21 countries.

Their development process leverages supply-chain redundancies, and scalability to help us in our path towards certification and serial production.

Flights will be available in the US and EU markets first.

Fancraft / Electric Aircraft / Airships

Urban Air Mobility Israeli Aviation & Technology HUB Tailwinds RSA



CityHawk is Urban Aeronautics flagship Fancraft™ model. A twin engine Fancraft™ designed to existing FAA standards including “Category A” takeoffs. It accommodates up to six occupants (including a pilot).

Electric Aircraft Israeli Aviation & Technology HUB Tailwinds RSA


Think smaller planes lack luxury? Think again. Alice is designed from the ground up for regional commutes, being electric, the typical noise and vibrations of other aircraft are dramatically decreased.

Quiet, sleek, and electric.
No compromises.

Heavy Lifting Cargo Electric AirShip Israeli Aviation & Technology HUB Talwinds RSA


This innovative transportation technology will open a new era in the air delivery. It is based on the unmanned hybrid cargo airship – ATLANT, capable to carry up to 165 tones to a distance of 2000 km and more. ATLANT’s ability to land vertically on almost any unprepared surface with no need for special infrastructure erases the limits in rural areas’ development. Designed to withstand the critical weather conditions in flight as well as on ground ATLANT can be used as a powerful transportation tool for all seasons in all continents. ATLANT can also provide safe, cost effective and green solution for heavy and oversized loads delivery. For passenger, emergency and special missions piloted version of ATLANT is going to be used.